Wednesday, June 20, 2012


So here's the situation.  I have loads of Kombucha SCOBY Cultures. SCOBY is the acronym for Symbiotic Culture for Bacteria and Yeast They have been my babies for a few months now constantly reproducing.  I have been searching for creative ways to prepare kombucha SCOBY, besides kombucha tea, and  to eat, in an appetizing way.  So if you have any ideas please feel free to let me know.  Meanwhile I found sites where folks not only bathe with kombucha vinegar.  I've read where they get the kombucha SCOBY's and put it directly on the face.

Well, here is my recipe for a great way to help rid acne, and close those open big pores, and heal from the outside as well as the inside.  I really like the way it tingles my face each time I apply it. It feels like something is going on.  It is because it's very much alive and a raw probiotic.  The SCOBY to Kombucha, is like the Mother to vinegar, healthy.  Mother knows best, right?. It also acts like a gentle chemical peel. softening, (tenderizing) the skin. Just like it cleanses and softens the inner organs.  It helps rid your body of any invading bacteria that can cause acne or just clogged pores.  It just doesn't sit on my face. I take the opportunity to lie down and rest while it is drying on my face for about 15 minutes.  Why?  Well, I'd rather have the gravity pulling my skin in my  favor right? Lol.  I like it because it does tend to pull similar to a mask when it is fully dried, and I get the soft and tender looking skin. It rinses off well with warm water too. Speaking of tender skin, tenderizing my skin comes to mind with this cream. Hey for a woman my age, my skin looks better every month for a year now.  Nice to know that I am not getting older, I am getting better.  Haha, I least I think so:)
Probiotic Face Mask/Toner with SCOBY.
 It looks sticky but it's not.
It blended in quite well.  Velvety

What gave me the idea to make this probiotic facial mask is that I read that they also use SCOBY'S as a natural bandaid for cuts, burns, even surgeries back in the old days.  It has been known to help heal the wound by acting like a layer of skin. It helps bind the skin  by regenerating new cellular construction when the SCOBY was applied to the wound.  Furthermore, it does not allow any other bad bacteria to enter the wound as well because it creates a  tight seal, and the live acetic cultures living in the SCOBY.   Anyway I figure if the SCOBY can regenerate new cellular construction, well, let it be on my face too,  Guess what?  I'm liking it.  I like the way it makes my skin  feel on the outside, which is by the way the largest organ in our body.  So now I feel I got it going on in the inside and outside as well. Not perfect, but hey who is? And to me, that's all that matters. If it works, i'll holler.  So, I'm hollering!  Lol. Now if it could only remove all this excess fat on my body.  Actually using probiotics this last year has helped me shed off 40 pounds, but it took a long time to get this big and unhealthy, so it's going to take a while longer of being consistant in my probiotic/gt kombucha/kifer/fermented foods regime.  One day at a time.

So back to this Probiotic Facial Mask/Toner.  I used...

I extracted the micro-nutrients from the green/mint herbs
 in healthy oils.
My SCOBY before it was rinsed.
  • 8 oz scoby culture fresh
  • 1/8 c kombucha vinegar (loaded with probiotics.)
  • 1 tbsp of your favorite oil.  (I used my mixed green tea/mint coconut/ghee/grapeseed oils that I had previously extracted the micro nutrient rich antioxidants like phyto-chemicals that were in the herbs.
  • one clean glass or plastic container, with lid to hold one cup of this toner
  • very powerful mixer.  I am fortunate to own a Vita-mix and am so happy with the way it creams it so quickly.

Wash your scoby well with water making sure to remove anything stringy.  That "stringy" dark threads is spent yeast from the green tea, and sugar that the scoby used to make the probiotic gt kombucha.  Now make sure you wring it out well.  Add all the ingredients and blend on high speed for 3 minutes or until it comes out creamy and is quite spreadable.  I now put this in a 8 oz jar.  Any leftover's I add to my homemade edible body butters, and use that on my face as well as my body.  I don't wash that off,  my skin just sucks up all the available micro-nutrients. I find myself washing my face more often just for that tingly feeling.  Silly me, but, Isn't that great?  I think so.  So now you try it.  I do have extra creams, and cultures just in case anyone is interested.

I hope you like this one and can put those extra SCOBY'S to good use.  This is so easy and very inexpensive to make.  I used to pay $100's of dollars for expensive name brand creams.  Not anymore because, mine work better.  Try it for yourself.  Anyway, until the next time...see you real soon.

Enjoy and Many Blessings,

Mary Helen


  1. I forgot to mention, it is best kept in refrigeration. Totally not necessary if you don't mind a tiny baby SCOBY growing on the top. Hey it protects the cream and does not allow other bacteria to enter.

  2. I like this idea better than putting a SCOBY on my face! I'll have to try it.