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Carbonated Kombucha Gt Herbal Face And Body Toner/Astrigent.

Introducing, Carbonated Kombucha GT Herbal Face and Body Toner/Astringent.  It leaves your face feeling tingly clean and fresh.  Great antiseptic for minor cuts, and scrapes...

It is  made with raw kombucha vinegar.  Adding green tea and cloves makes this a powerful natural antibacterial as well. It leaves your face and body fresh and clean.  My face feels slightly tighter, pores smaller.  And I am naturally protected with salicylic acid to help ward of blemishes.

Lucky me.  I've been brewing Kombucha GT for over a year now. Within days the excess Kombucha GT turns into vinegar.   Drinking Kombucha GT and it's probiotics daily, I feel the difference in all that ailed me.  Because all that ailed me, no longer ails me like diabetes and high blood pressure.  Another benefit of Kombucha GT is, I've lost weight and kept it off without dieting too.  Good news is  I am still losing weight slowly and again without dieting.  Well I know if it could balance my inner organs than it should do wonders for the largest organ of my body... my skin. 

I really like anything to do with Kombucha GT probiotics and their ph balance.  I figure if folks drink it, bathe with it, shampoo with it, and use the mother SCOBY (SYMBIOTIC CULTURE OF BACTERIA AND YEAST) to make face masks like I do.  Then Kombucha GT Face Toner/Astringent should be great for the face as well.  Fact is, ancient medicine have also used the Kombucha GT SCOBY (SIMBIOTIC CULTURE OF BACTERIA AND YEAST) aka known as the "vinegar mother", as band aids because the SCOBY is thick and similar to skin.  It shrinks as it dries which also helps seals and shrink the wound and keep unhealthy bacteria out.  Raw kombucha GT ferments into a vinegar has a ph of 4 or less.  Your skin would love this ph balance.  Now  combine Kombucha GT with herbs like green tea and cloves, and you have  a perfect marriage for an astringent.  Besides nourishing and cleansing the skin, it would help shrink enlarged pores, and reduce oil, and or acne. 


There are a multitude of benefits in green tea and cloves besides vitamin C. Including many micro phyto-chemicals, a rich nutrient good for cellular rejuvenation   Polyphenols and their anti-oxidant benefits are also a natural astringent.  However, it would be to your benefit you research them for yourself.  Right now I am only briefly stating a few benefits. about the astringent  properties in these two herbs.  My goal is to show you how easy it is to make with my recipe.

  • contain  plant based micro phyto-nutrients and  polyphenols. like tannic acids and salicyclic acid.  These are powerful antioxidants that your body needs both internally and externally.

  • Astringent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    An astringent (occasional alternative: adstringent) substance is a chemical compound that tends to shrink or constrict body tissues, usually locally after topical ...
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Tannic Acid:

Tannic acid is plant based micro-poly-phenol, another antioxidant. In the 1920's Tannic Acid was used in medicine to treat burns.  They applied tannic acid to the dressing and applied the dressing to the wound/burn.  They were able to reduce the mortality rate greatly. Tannic Acid  aka Tannins can be found in many plants including green tea and cloves.  Green tea, and cloves have a lot of other poly-phenols including one called, called salicylic acid.  

Salicylic Acid:

Salicylic Acid is known for its drying and tightening properties.   Salicylic acid can be found in many plants, but it is now chemically made. Many anti blemish face products, including the famous Pro-Active, and Neutrogena contain salicylic acid.  However, most over the counter products have salicylic acid, but it is chemically made, and not natural.  

Personally I'd rather spend my money elsewhere.  I know that my Kombucha GT Herbal Face and Body Toner/Astringent works just as well, perhaps better, and without all those additional chemicals. So, with all this in mind, I've come up with a Kombucha GT Herbal Face and Body Toner . Here is an easy recipe using a few herbal ingredients, I present to you my...

(By the way this is safe enough to drink.  Great way to help you lose weight)
  • ** Kombucha GT 1 bottle to make kombucha vinegar (See **note, below.) or Kombucha GT Vinegar 12 oz.  (Great ph balance for skin)
  • Green Tea 2 tea bags  (Great antioxidants like micro- polyphenols to freshen and tighten the skin.)
  • Cloves Ground 1/4 teaspoon (Also contains polyphenols, and a heating element which stimulates blood flow necessary for cellular rejuvination.
  • Oil light  1-2 teaspoons (I used Jojoba oil:)
  • Jar 10 oz sterile jar with non metal lid.
  • Put Kombucha GT vinegar in jar.
  • Add cloves and green tea bags and keep in a dark warm place for at least 3-5 days. (The oven is a great place to keep it.
  • Remove tea bags 
  • Strain with a fine cheesecloth to retrieve tea bags and ground cloves.
  • Pour into sterile container with cap
  • Add oil  cap and shake well. Shake well over the sink as it will fizz IF Well Capped.  (give it a couple of days in the new capped container.
  • Apply to face or body with a soft cloth or a cotton ball.
If you do not have kombucha vinegar you can purchase a bottle of kombucha.  Open it, cover with a paper towel.  Set undisturbed in a warm spot for a week or so,or until you see a SCOBY floating on top.  You can now use this to brew your next batch of kombucha.  All climates is different so just be  patient.  You can tell when it's ready by the smell and taste.  So easy to make.

Live Kombucha GT vinegar is a natural low ph astringent on it's own.  It's an antioxidant, antibacterial, and an antiseptic.   To add to the already awesome astringent are the natural  polyphenols like tannic acid and salicylic acid found in green tea and cloves. We already know these two are also astringent based plants.  They too, alone help tighten, clean, heal and freshens the skin.   Isn't that great news. They marry well together.  That means that this is a great combination.

I've been using Carbonated Kombucha GT Herbal Face and Body Toner/Astringent, a few weeks now. Yes, it smells like vinegar, but the smell evaporates rapidly leaving only a hint of cloves.  Each and every time I use it I feel like my skin is softer, more tender.  My pores have shrunken.  I no longer have dry patchy flaky spots.  My face feels cleaner and more rehydrated, healthier.  If you have it, don't be afraid to try it.  If the ph is  is too strong you can always dilute it with tea or water.  I also used it on a cut as an antiseptic.  Works great.  As for me... I am really a happy camper.

So here you have it.  Another recipe created just for us.   It has no preservatives, or other harsh chemicals to strip our face and body.  It's cheap, safe and effective.  It only cost about $2.00 for a bottle of Carbonated Kombucha GT to make your kombucha, and a couple of tea bags and cloves.  It's time to keep your money in your wallet. Sorry Pro-Active.  I make my own.

Well, that's it for now.  Be good to yourself. So till the next time... don't forget to share.  I hope this post/blog was helpful.  If so please click the yes box on the right.  Again,  I am open to all questions.  Goodnight and many blessings.


Mary Helen