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Just a quick note to give you a clue, as to, where was I one year ago health wise.  And where I am today health wise. How probiotics helped me cure not one but all my medical illnesses.  I am so grateful for this findings and am sharing in the hopes, that someone can also benefit like I have by implementing probiotics to their diet.  I thank my Heavenly Father for any guidance I may receive. Here goes...

Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and High Cholesterol. 
I could never plan my days because I never knew how I was going to feel that day.  I did not know if my sugar was going to be too low, or too high. I had diabetes, and all the trimmings that went with it.  That included high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  My legs would get neuropathy and there were times they would buckle on me.  No fun. I eventually resorted to an electric wheelchair.  This to me is a horrible tool used to cripple one even more than need be. True the more you move, the more you lose.  Who said that?  Oh yes, me.  You sure can't move much confined to a chair.  Talk about hard to breath when you do want to get out of that wheelchair after being confined for awhile. Exacerbating is putting it mildly.

COPD, Asthma, and Severe Sleep Apnea
I developed asthma as an adult in my 30's.  It knocked me down, and really kicked me to the curb, in a bad way.  It became a way of life to breath with a melody (wheezing).  My whole world as I knew it came crashing down. My active life came to a sudden halt. The hospital soon became my home away from home.  I was intubated once, while I was pregnant with my son, and even coded blue before. and had to be put on a ventilator to breath for me.  Thank God I was in the hospital when it happened.  Anyway, the last 30 years have been breath.  I had severe sleep apnea,  I stopped breathing every minute while asleep.  It was for that reason, they had to continue to keep me awake for the brain surgery.  It was already a major surgery, now all they needed was for me to stop breathing too?  No thanks.  Bottom line, I had another sleep study two weeks ago.  I went from severe, to moderate sleep apnea.  Not bad right?  Again I thank God for his guidance in this journey I partake.

Essential Tremors
Yup I was a pretty sick camper. Essential tremors had become a hazard to my life. I just had fully recovered from two major brain surgeries to stop the essential tremors,  I was born with right before I first embarked on this probiotic diet.  I had one surgery, as soon as I recovered went in for another.  My tremorof course, was the more severe full body tremor, with a major yes yes syndrome.  That's the head bobbing uncontrollably back and forth, along with the constant tremor of my whole body, and spastic hand jerks as well.  Talk about muscle pain.  Ugh.  They are now gone because of the surgery and the implants they  put in. I have a battery inside my chest that is good for 3 to 5 years at the most.  I also have two electrodes placed in the right hemisphere, and the left hemisphere. It has to be turned on every morning, and off every night.  The outside battery is similar to a small remote control.  Sometimes the battery dies unexpectedly, like yesterday.  I was totally dysfunctional, and immediately became a hazard to my own health.  I had to wait for my son to to get batteries and install it so it can be turned on again, just to function normally.  It's been a while since I stabbed myself with a fork or cut my fingers, trying to use a kitchen knife.  And yes it is possible to hurt yourself with a spastic hand and a toothbrush at hand.  Ouch!  All this could lead one to depression, don't you think.


I will keep this short and sweet.  I lost my four younger brothers, my mother and the father I knew one by one.  It was alway suddenly, and fast without warning, my whole family gone.  They were all I knew.  Needless to say it left me in a worse state. So along with illness, yes my depression kicked in.  It got so bad, my life revolved around social workers, a clubhouse now referred to a "wellness center.  I took medicine for depression for about the last 25 years. I guess you can say I did the "medicine shuffle dance".  I never realized how much the meds really slowed me down in my way of thinking, till I got off them completely about 8 months now.  Do I feel depressed?  Not at all.  I am too busy, and have too much energy.  Do I miss going to a place where "everyone knew my name".  Not at all.  Thank God, for probiotics.  By the way, I ended up having to fight to stay in my new apartment.  The social workers tried their best to get me to live in a nursing home permanently.  I showed them by getting better, right?   Haha.  Yes, there is a God!

Illness as a way of life
I had succomed  myself to this way of life.  The perils of one disastrous  event after another.  I even had my own power wheelchair, and an oxygen tank holder.  I guess you can say they literally, "Pimped my Ride". I was always in a nursing home, recovering from one thing after another. Lol.  Anyway,  I was taking close to 300 different pills every month for many years.  I had chronic loose stools, and sometimes could not leave my apartment.  This was another problem I had for about 15 years.  I've been checked but they never found any problems there.  So they just took care of the symptom with pills, and more pills.  My body felt so toxic, it hurt to move let alone walk.  This let to lack of exercise...and I got bigger and bigger. Why?  I was watching my fats and sugars.  Oh I cheated now and then, but I sure tried to be good to no avail. There is good news.

One year later after taking water kifers, milk kifers, kombucha's, as well and venturing on to other probiotic foods. I am diabetic free.  I am also free from all those trimmings I talked about.  My blood pressure was normal on my last few visits.  And my doctors visits are less often.  Yes. My cholesterol is way low in a good way.   I feel great and have for several months now.  My energy level has increased by 50%, to the tune, of,"I had so much energy, I lost 40 lbs."  I'm not saying life is perfect, but it sure is a lot better today without all  that baggage.  What a load off my back. Lol, Oh, one more thing.  Did I mention how cheap it is to brew/ferment your own probiotics at home.  Yes, it is very cheap to get healthy.  Lets do it folks.  What are you waiting for?

Many blessings,
Mary Helen

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