Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Water kifer is one of my favorite probiotic drinks of all the probiotic drinks. I love the fact that it carbonates just like soda, and for the price of sugar and water.  First, you get all the health benefits of  probiotics without having to use any dairy, or calories. Some of the benefits includes, energy, a state of well being, satiated. Detox.  Anyway,  Second, you can actually drink all the kifer water you want right?  After all it's water.  You can drink a gallon of this a day and it is fine. It's a good way to get your probiotics, have a healthy gut, and get to drink lots of liquids.  Last of all, Water Kifer is a very cheap, and a healthy probiotic water. Last time I checked, water was pretty cheap right?

Why did I label this drink as a diabetic drink?  The Kifer Water Grains, again the term SCOBY comes up,  (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast)  Well, this bacteria and yeast feeds off the sugar.  So the sweet sugar water, that was sweet sugar water, is no more.  The Water Kifer Grains eat all the sugar, and leaves a nice carbonated probiotic drink. Well in place of all sugar and water, I added 100% apple juice.  the ratio is as follows...
  • 3 tbsp Water Kifer Grains
  • 2 cups 100% apple juice
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 tsp black strap molasses
I mixed 2 cups warm water with the black strap molasses.  Then cool to room temperature.  Mix the apple juice and sweet water shake and add to grain.  Set in a warm place. Within a few hours, you will start to see your Water Kifer Grain, do what I call the bubble dance.  The grains absolutely love this combination and do flourish.  This wonderful probiotic kifer water should be ready in 12 hours if kept in a warm place.  Longer if set in a cooler place. The drink is barely noticibly sweet, and quite bubbly.  If I bottle this or decant this into another jar, it would only be for another12 hours in a warm place.because  it would continue to carbonate. Quite similar to sparkling apple cider, but better, not a fake carbonation. Do not add more ferment time, or sugar as this will lead to a small alcoholic but probiotic drink that tastes quite like alcohol.  Yuck.  I was bottling this sweet drink till I had an explosion.  I had glass chards flying everywhere.  Quite scary.  Thank God I had just left the kitchen too.  Now again don't dare bottle for more than 12 hours with this combination. 
What you see here is the bubbles from the above ingredients.  It has been combined for about 18 hours.  It looks quite ready.  When I pop open the lid and take a good whiff.  My nose quickly inhales the fermented scent.  I immediately know that smell and know if it could burst or not.  This one looks like it could burst in a glass bottle  So I would enjoy drinking this now as opposed to later.  Actually to be honest, I should have and would have preferred to drink this Apple Kifer Water, after a 12 hours and not 18 hours later.  Smells like and tastes a bit like alcohol.  So then, all you do is strain.  Rinse grains well.  And start another batch of kifer water using just water and sugar.  It is best to alternate, to give your grain a break.

I love my probiotics whatever way I can get them.  This apple water kifer is healthy, delicious and very cheap.  You will never have to buy another soda again.  The health benefits are amazing, as it has helped me lose weight and keep the majority of it off.  It quenches, that sweet tooth cravings I have.  I've learned to really become creative with Water Kifer.  Like Cream soda?  Try adding vanilla to your already brewed water kifer.  Do not add the vanilla to the grains.  Careful cause the grains are delicate.  I have had water kifer grains disintegrate on me.  Try strawberries, bananas, or mango.  Only experiment once your grains have grown and you have a backup supply.  But this recipe is a tried and true, according to my results here in Mary Helen's Test Kitchen, in Hollywood, Ca.  If you have any success stories, by all means, please share.:)

Enjoy, and many blessings:))
Mary Helen


  1. I tried both Blueberry and Apple Kefir, they are delicious. I could not stop drinking until I finished the bottle. Thanks Mary : )!

  2. I am so glad you liked them. I too find them refreshingly delicious. No need to buy probiotic pills, when you can brew your own probiotic water kifer for just pennies a glass. Thank you for sharing Nina:))