Thursday, May 3, 2012


I have been fermenting/brewing kombucha for just a few months but did months of research before I received my scoby. (SCOBY=SYMBIOTIC CULTURE OF BACTERIA AND YEAST).  It is also referred the the "mother".  Scoby  looks like a mushroom floating at the top of each bottle of kombucha.  It's circumference would be the same size of the container holding the scoby and tea.  Kombucha is the probiotic drink that is made by putting the scoby and green or black tea, and sugar. It is left to ferment for 3 to 10 days.  3 days if in a warm place.  Expect at least 10 days more or less in a much colder climate.  If you don't see the scoby in your bottle of kombucha floating at the top of the bottle.  Chances are your store bought kombucha especially the ones on the shelf, that is NOT REFRIGERATED, have been heated to kill most of the live bacteria.  This will ward off the chance of the unsightly mushroom growing. Hey you don't want to ward off the paying customers. but now you no longer have that healthy probiotic drink that they searched for.  Yes heat kills the healthy bacteria.  They heat it up enough to kill most but not all the living bacteria.  This way they can still label it raw, or unpasteurized.  Sad but true.

Although I have only been brewing kombucha for a few months, in that time I have had many brews going at one time.  From fresh blueberries, guavas, and apples,  to herb like hibiscus, ginger, or anise.  Kombucha quickly turns to vinegar, and is great as dressings for salads, as well as the skin.  Mint kombucha is so refreshing,  It make for a great vinaigrette. It also makes a great skin toner as well.

This fermented probiotic, is quite delicious.  It has a tangy somewhat vinegary taste.  It always quenches my thirst, gives me energy, and makes me feel full, so I eat less too. I also like to take a glass of kombucha upon arising,  It's vinegary taste is a good eye opener.  No more coffee for me.  I also like to drink kombucha at least 15-20 minutes before each meal, not during. I take it before I go to bed as well, because I know it also works as a detox.  I will let it run it's course while I sleep. It works for me.  Kombucha can be fermented/brewed with other herbs, and fruits, for a variety of nutrition, as well as taste.

Kombucha is cheap and easy to brew.  One 16 oz. bottle of kombucha sold in the markets, averages. $2.79.  For the price of one bottle, you could easily  brew a gallon.  I have a motto that I always share, and it is..."Waste not want not".  Why spend your hard earned money for a lower quality product, when you can brew the real live kombucha, easy and at home.

Well that's it for now,  till the next time...  Be on the lookout for upcoming recipes coming real soon.
Many blessings,
Mary Helen

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