Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Goat Milk Kifer
goat milk curds and whey, and milk kifer grain
Good day everyone,  Are you ready for another wonderful probiotic food?  It's healthy, tasty, easy, and affordable if made at home.  Besides by now we should know you get more probiotics if it is homemade, as opposed to store bought, right?,  At least I hope so.  Yes, you get so much more, that it would be to your benefit to make it at home if your aiming for optimum benefits of probiotics.  Again, we have control over this situation.  Especially if it is time you have on hand.  You just basically pour, shake, wait, strain and enjoy.  How hard is that?

Goat milk kifer curds and grain
Well, today I just opened up a bottle of overflowing goat's milk kifer that I fermented yesterday. It overflowed because I  left one inch headspace, and I should have left at least two inches for this narrow bottle.

I have eaten goat cheese, but have never tried the milk.  I like it, and if you like the flavor of  buttermilk, or goat cheese, chances are you will like goat milk kifer.

I started with...
  • 1 quart goat milk
  • 4 tbsp milk kifer grains
  • 36 oz wide mouth glass container (squeaky clean)
  • 12 hours time at 78 degrees (optional  as time varies depending of warmth)  
Okay, to be honest I was going for goat cheese,, but when you make the curds and whey, don't shake it to get the grains out.  What happened was, I put my grain to ferment in a small mouth jar.  Big mistake if you are going to make cheese.  So I shook the jar hard to get my grains out and ended up mixing my curds and whey, thus goat milk kifer.  haha.  It's all good though.  Now I know make sure I have a wide mouth jar to get my grains out easily and the whey would pour out, and the curds would have stayed in the strainer.  Oh well. Next time.  It's still deliciously refreshing and probiotic.  I think I will add some mint leaves to my next glass of goat milk kifer.  Yummy!!

Mint milk kifer using mint tea bags.

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