Thursday, May 24, 2012

A "Cultured" Response to HIV: Probiotics in Yogurt Could Hold Keys to Optimal Gut Health in HIVers -

A "Cultured" Response to HIV: Probiotics in Yogurt Could Hold Keys to Optimal Gut Health in HIVers -
 Today I was inspired to do some research on the effects of probiotics and HIV-AIDS.  Its seem to me that folks who have HIV, immediately suffers with diarrhea.  Once the stomach goes bad so to speak, the patient quickly declines, as the unhealthy bacteria in the gut spreads.  However, studies have found probiotics which has an abundant amount of healthy bacteria flourishes, and if used on a regular basis can keep your gut healthy.  It's worth a try right?

I for one have suffered with chronic diarrhea for years.  They could never find anything wrong with me, colon wise.  So I am assuming it was the 300+ pills they said I couldn't live without.  Ha, I showed them.  Today, thank the Lord, I no longer suffer with this problem.  I've been off anti-diarrhea medicine days after I started taking milk and water kifers.  I ferment my own because it has 1000+ more healthy bacteria than any store bought yogurt, kifer or kombuchas.  Store bought probiotics like the fore mentioned have to be controlled because it is a live culture.  The only way to control it is to kill most of the bacteria by heat.  Thus little bacteria.

It does have some that did survive the heat, in the Company's favor of course so they cans still label it raw right? You get to choose flavor for bacteria.  They of course go for flavor.  Sad, because if for example someone hears about the health benefits of Kombucha and the large amounts of probiotics it has.  They assume because the label says raw kombucha.  It is KOMBUCHA!  Well it is so to speak.  For your information all kombucha grows a thick scoby usually floating on top within days of bottling,  It's alive.  If folks saw it, well they might not want to drink appearance is also important.  Sigh,  Do you get the message?

The best way to guarantee a good probiotic, is to make it or get it from a reliable source.  SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) the mushroom like bacteria, grows on ALL KOMBUCHA.  They are usually given away, because it grows in a few days.  You can find them  on the internet like I did.  Or you can leave me a message, if you live in the United States and I can ship one out to you.  You pay for shipping and handling of course.  Either way, please look into it.

Food is medicine.  So just to name a few probiotic foods they are...

  • yogurt
  • milk kifer
  • water kifer
  • kombucha
  • real sauerkraut
  • fermented fruits
  • fermented vegetables
  • fermented beans like miso
 Probiotics is an amazing ferment, good to maintain a healthy gut flora, and also if you want to get a healthy flora.  It's never too late. It worked for me at 62.  So I just thought i'd share.

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