Friday, May 25, 2012

My Milk Kifer Grains are HUGE!! Time to Share again

Yes this is just ONE MILK KIFER GRAIN!
My Kifer grains grow so fast that one milk kifer grain alone is almost a tablespoon full in size!  Or almost the size of the palm of my hand. Beautiful to see such healthy milk kifer grains.  I have been growing milk kifer grains for one year now.  I followed the instructions exactly and only failed.  Last month to my dismay, my grains were so small, they had almost disintingrated to a fine grain.  Sad to say so were my water kifer grains.  To the point I had reordered more water kifer grains.  I was just about to reorder more milk kifer grains when my neighbor Nina, so graciously gave me about 1/2 cup of the most beautiful milk kifer grains I had ever seen. They multiplied so quick that within a week, I gave her back 1/2 cup so she too could ferment her milks.

Cauliflower looking, milk kifer grains
Today my grains have grown so much that one grain alone is almost a tablespoon full in size.  This picture reflects the white cauliflower looking grains  These are my new babies.  Aren't they beautiful grains?

What I did differently this time is to throw out a few old myths, like, do not wash your grain with tap water, or you will kill the grain.  False.  My grain are growing huge because I do wash them in tap water. So when you get your milk kifer grains please make sure you rinse them well. Hey they need to be washed so they can  breathe, feed and grow. Another myth is,  only use plastic or wood to touch your grain.  Metal touching your grain can kill your grain.  False.  I sometimes use my stainless steel metal strainer to strain and wash my grains.   I use a stainless steel spoon to scoop out my grains in transferring my grains as well.  Just don't let them sit in metal. Never mix kifer grains with another product like fruit or herbs because again the grains could die. False. Today, I mix my grains with  fruits, herbs, and and they love it and grow.

Because I can only drink so much milk kifer daily, I am now at the point of keeping my grains in the refrigerator of course with milk to slow the process of growth and fermentation.  Oh yeah, do not refrigerate your grains or the will die.   Really another myth, oh my.  hehe.  False.  Refrigerated, I still come out with a delicious kifer in two days instead of every 8 hours.  I had a lot of kifer for me to gulp down daily no matter what I made out of it. Right?  So again it is time to share.:)

Rinsing my milk kifer grains in tap water.   Oh yes you can:))
My idea is not to sell this product is it is to share with you the recipes I have found and experimented with in home fermented products like kifers and their probiotic benefits.  However, I have more than enough grain and will be more than happy to share this grain for a donation of $7.99, for caring and feeding, and $5.50 for shipping and handling in the United States.  Fair enough? This is a very cheap price but the need for me to share this wonderful probiotic grain, is nudging me to do so.  Thank God I can, since I have a abundant supply today.  I had to share these pics:) and these grains so you too can know what to look for. lol.  If you are interested please leave me a message.  First come, first serve.  Thank you and,  as always...

Many blessings,
Mary Helen

Milk kifer grains separated and washed and ready for more milk.

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