Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Milk Kifer can be dried as still keep it's probiotic nutrients as long as it is not heated in high temperatures. Milk Kifer Cheese has more active healthy bacteria than milk kifer, because of the longer time spent to ferment it.  REAL KIFER CONTINUES TO FERMENT UNLESS THE BACTERIA HAS BEEN KILLED BY HEAT OR CHEMICALS.  Folks drink kifer, yogurt, and kombucha for the healthy probiotics it has.  However, why is the shelved store bought product still sweet and holds the same flavor?  Why?  Because most of the bacteria has been pasteurized or heated to maintain its color, and flavor.  Sad because those people think they are doing their body good. I too can heat mine to stop the fermentation and not let it continue to sour.  However, probiotics does a body good. I choose to work with the tart flavor, hence feta cheese.  lol.  See, homemade is always, better, and a lot cheaper too.
I let my kifer milk ferment till the curds and whey separate. I have strained the milk kifer, and have separated the curds, whey and milk kifer grains. I left the curds out to lose it's whey for a few hours in a strainer.   Make sure you have something to catch the whey.(Ha ha, it lost it's whey:))  Very little milk solids is left in the strainer.  This will be your cheese. Salt lightly,  put this in a tofu press, (another strainer will work fine) and put this in the refrigerator for 24 hours to continue to expel its whey.
After a total of 48 hours. it is now like tart cheese, similar to Feta.  At this point the kifer cheese is still soft, but I was able to cube it so it could air dry better. It had grown  a slight fungus on the outside, which I was able to cut off before I cubed it.  The inside showed a nice white clean cheese.
curds, whey, and milk kifer grain
Curds in tofu press.  I see a few grains of Kifer.
Curds after straining in refrigerator for 24 hours.
I put the cheese  wrapped in parchmont paper with clean paper towels over a heating mat  for 12 hours more or less, while I was sleeping. I am still changing towels to keep the cheese dry at least twice.  Now my cheese is crumbly, and pretty hard.  Had I not cut it for it to dry faster, I probably could have grated it. I rolled my cheese in crushed herbs for flavor.  
Herbed Milk Kifer Feta Cheese

See how easy it was?  Yes, it took a few days, but it's not like you were standing over a hot stove.  Home made kifer is loaded with probiotics, and you have total control as too what you want to put in it.  Yes I love to choose what I want to put in my body.  Don't you?  It's probiotic and cheap.  Looks like cheese.  Tastes like cheese, but unlike dead cheese.  This one is still very much alive.

Enjoy and many blessings.
Mary Helen

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