Friday, June 1, 2012


Coconut Water Kifer
When I saw my first bottle of coconut water kifer at Whole Foods Market my jaw dropped to the ground.  They were selling  a 16 oz bottle of coconut water kifer for $13.99!!  That is when I realized I was sitting on something really wonderful.  First of all, we all know that most of the probiotics are killed in order to maintain some control when marketed.  Especially if it is just sitting on a shelf that is in a isle.  Real water kifer is very much raw and alive, so it has to be refrigerated or it over-ferments and becomes more of a dry alcoholic beverage. If that's the case, then they can't sell it to the public, as in no alcoholic beverages to  minors.  Right?

$13.99?  Of course it all makes sense now.  If coconut oil is good for alzheimers, memory, digestion, ulcers, and many other ailments, besides promoting healthy skin inside and out.  I also read it's beneficial to bathe in coconut water and, if you can bath in coconut water, it must be safe to drink.  Hahaha. Right?

So in my research I read that that coconut water alone is similar to our bodies plasma.  It is loaded with electrolytes and has minerals like Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphate and Chloride.  It's naturally low sodium, and low in calories.  It promotes good digestion, and is great for circulation.  Wow, in my books, it's all necessary ingredients to harmonize with one's body for optimum health.  Water is good, but this is better. We also know the health benefits of probiotics too.  Right?  Good.  Now I see why Whole foods sells it for $13.99.  But if you make it at home, it would only cost you the price of the coconut water, And guess all still a living probiotic water.

Besides cutting open a young green coconut, which by the way is not easy, especially if you don't have the proper tools...or money to buy the coconuts, just to get the water.  Have no fear.  Here is another way to make your coconut water kifer with no fuss, no mess.  After all, it's still coconut water kifer.

Here I used...

3 tbsp Water Kifer Grains
12 oz. Coconut Water (any kind)
1 clean bottle with lid.

Today I opted for this 99 cent store brand which only has 85% water. The rest is water, sugar, and pulp.  Perfect for my grain.  Although, it has only 85% coconut water, it will all come out a probiotic water.

Note I have been making water kifers for over a year now.  I've fermented many brands of coconut water.  I have paid anywhere from 99 cents to $4.00 for 12 oz of coconut water kifer.  It all tastes the same in the end.   And it's all probiotic, and good too.  I just want to show you that you can do it yourself for only pennies if necessary.  Just do it.  I hope you like this one...

Many blessings,
Mary Helen

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