Friday, June 1, 2012


Grape Juice Water Kifer Soda
Last night about midnight before I went to bed,  I put my water kifer grains  to soak with ...
3 tbsp. Water kifer grains
1 cup of Grape Juice (more or less, depends on your taste)
3 cups of water
1 tbsp sugar (I used brown)
1 quart size jar
12-18 hours.

Note that this is just the first stage.  Had I decided to go for more bubbles I would cap this in a bottle, tightly so that the air bubbles don't escape.  This works great if you like that wine taste.  I don't, so I stop at 12 hours and I will drink this as is.  It is now that I will see if it is too dry, or not sweet enough, then I will add, water, juice, or sweetener. Or you can leave it as is.  Your choice  Hey, I like taste

Fermented grape juice water kifer
It's still naturally carbonated, but not as much.  However it's still a healthy probiotic drink.  It's not as sweet as it was before the ferment, which makes it a great drink for diabetics who usually have to leave the fruit juices alone because of the natural sugars already there.  Therefore they don't get all the antioxidants and phytonutrients that are in the juices.  It is these healthy chemicals along with the probiotic kifers that are going to help control the diabetes, like it did mine.

Note 2:  Never throw your ferment away, because it over ferments.  This will make a great base for a delicious grape vinaigrette.  Don't you agree?  Yummy!  I can just imagine.

See how easy it is?  So natural, healthy, and cheap.  What a way to go. Now you try it:)  Let me know how it comes out.  Enjoy and...
Many blessings.
Mary Helen

Grape Juice Water Kifer on the rocks

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