Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The seasoning in the jar are spices with salt I mixed last month and kept it in this jar.  Why pay for another jar of Jalapeno and Cilantro, when it's cheaper to make it at home. And I added some nutrition from the herbs right?  Same goes for the powdered probiotic SCOBY that I blended  in the mixer till it was a powder.  Mix the two and there, that simple.  Another benefit to note is, herbs mixed with the salt, you end up using less salt and the food is tastier, besides healtheir.

I will share with you an incredibly healthy SCOBY (Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) Seasoning Salt. Not only is it packed with  probiotics, I have chosen herbs that are known to jump start ones day, alone with their nutritional benefits.  I had an abundant amount of baby SCOBY cultures and I want to put them to good use.  I also get to disguise it's unsightly look that makes most folks shy away from anything that has to do with this culture.  Sad, because it is so healthy, and full of probiotics.  Anyways this is how I do it...
My dried SCOBY cultured I had saved for a rainy day.
I kept it well sealed in a mason jar.

First I add one dried SCOBY cullture with some salt and blend till very fine.  I then add...
  • Sea salt
  • Cayenne pepper crushed 
  • Jalapenos dried
  • Parsley dried
  • Cilantro dried
  • Garlic dried
  • Pepper
.Everyone has different taste buds, so I will give you no measurement amounts as to how much of what to put in.  However the main ingredient of course is a mineral salt.  Make sure it is not the regular iodized salt.  That one is harmful.  Use some sort of natural sea salt. If you like it spicy, add more chili.  It's all to your liking .  If you don't have a certain ingredient, no worries.  It's all good anyway.  It's healthy, probiotic , and its tasty.  Here I put it in an empy spice jar.
This can be put on numerous dishes, like salads, soups, rice or meat.  It's a great way to flavor the food.  It's also a great way to get some more probiotics in you without looking at that "mother" of a SCOBY.  By the way I've also added some ground SCOBY to my rosemary herbs too.  Quite good I must say.  So experiment like I did.  So here's to our health.  

Many blessings,
Mary Helen

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