Monday, July 16, 2012


Milk kifer cheese spread with coconut, honey and parsley.  It's all good.
Yesterday I had about 4 cups of nonfat milk in kifer grains which had curdled a bit too much.  It was  a lot more tart than what I had set out for.  Considering my intentions were to make a soft sweet cheese, similar to soft goat cheese with honey.  After straining the curds and whey. I seasoned the curds and I set it in my oven to get most of the moisture out with the light on.  It's perfect there where the light just warms it slowly, not harming the probiotic cultures.  If you have a dehydrator, by all means use it.  I plan on making a simple one just not today.  You do not need any fancy equipment to make this simple recipe.  Anyway, I had put my cheese spread out on parchmont paper and on a screen.   After 24 hours I flipped the cheese spread over to the other side and on a new sheet of parchmont paper, and continued for another 12 hours, until it was drying around the edges.

I decided to mask some of the sourness of the kifer cheese (curds) by mixing together...

Milk kifer grains, curds and whey
automatic separation makes it easy
to rid most whey from the curds.
Milk kifer spread out on parchmont paper
and put on an anti-splatter screen. to dry.
Whatever works right?

  • one tablespoon milk
  • one tablespoon powdered coconut milk
  • one tablespoon honey granules (or any sweetener)
  • one teaspoon parsley

Mix all the ingredients well.  By this time the kifer cheese spread is quite pliable, like  play-dough.  This makes enough probiotic kifer cheese spread to fit in a 4 oz  jar or container with a tight lid.

This will keep in the refrigerator, where it will continue to slowly ferment. It's great on crackers, toast, or bagels. Try it for yourself,  It's all good, it's all probiotic.  Besides being healthy, it's tasty, homemade, and quite affordable. Note:  For best result use within 5 days.  It's just another way to get your probiotics. lol  Don't forget, "Food is Medicine", and that is not a lol matter.  And it only takes just a spread a couple times a day to get a lot of probiotic cultures in you. 

I know it is a very time consuming recipe. However, you don't have to kifer-sit this recipe like you do milk in kifer grains.  It just takes time, time you could spend doing other things, right? But so worth the little effort put forth.

Enjoy, and many blessings,
Mary Helen