Thursday, July 26, 2012


Raw live  almond kifer milk
Here is another delicious recipe that is so easy and full of healthy probiotics.  It has a tangy taste and is quite refreshing as is. I happen to like plain yogurt, buttermilk, and plain kifers.  But I suppose many folks might not like this unless it is in a smoothie with fruit.  I make my own almond milk, so I always have access to it.  If your interested in my almond milk recipe you can find it in my other recipe blog  here at...
Anyway here is how I do it.

  • Milk kifer grains  1/3 cup more or less
  • Almond milk 2 cups more or less
  • One clean container.
  • Pour almond milk in rinsed kifer grains.
  • Let sit at room temperature preferably 78 degrees fahrenheit
  • strain when desired tartness and refrigerate.
  • Rinse milk kifer grains well and put back in dairy milk as it thrives in dairy milk
Almond milk kifer looks quite done in my milk
kifer grains.
Easy enough for you?  And it really adds up and saves on your pocket book if you make it homemade.  It is so much richer in probiotics because it is homemade.  It is not heat controlled for market sale and therefore carries a lot more live healthy bacteria.  We need this to act like little pacman and gobble up that unhealthy bacteria right.  There is too much illness going around and probiotics is one way to ward that yucky "C" illness, and diabetes.

This was an easy strain.  Look at the
grains, they look clean right out of
the kifer almond milk.  I still need to
rinse well before I put it
back in dairy milk.
Remember, our body remains at 98.6 F right?  Well it's a perfect breeding ground for bacteria!!!  And with the undigested over processed foods remaining behind in your intestines causing havoc. It poisons you slowly or perhaps fast, causing a multitude of illnesses.  Not a laughing matter.  That's why I make natural probiotic foods.  I've cured my diabetes, and all that trimmings using probiotic foods.  Doctors told me I could not get off my meds.  Guess what?  I changed my diet by adding more probiotic foods like kifers, kombucha, and ferments, and my tests have show no signs of diabetes for almost a year now.  I have more choices in life and I get to choose.  I like the fact that it is possible to defeat and ward off many illness by diet alone.  If only my mom knew what I know, she might still be around.   FOOD IS MEDICINE FOLKS.

Till the next time...

 Many blessings,
Mary Helen

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