Sunday, August 5, 2012


It's strawberries galore, because they are in season.  Not only are they tasty little berries, they are so full of phyto-nutrients, also known as rejuvinating, healing, anti, aging, anti cancer nutrients. Not to mention they are a good source of fiber.  They are a necessary element to our well being.  Now to mix this with green tea kombucha and Voila!  This is now a berry good drink, right?  Not only is if filled with the above goodness, it is full of probiotics.  And it tastes good too.  Your family will love this probiotic drink.  You don't even have to tell them it has kombucha.  My son won't touch kombucha but if I disguise it, he'll drink it all with a smile wanting a refill.  That makes me one happy camper.
Strawberries 1/2 cup washed and stemmed
Kombucha 8-12 ounces (more or less)
Ice 2 cups (more or less)
Brown sugar (1 tablespoon)
Vanilla 1 teaspoon
Blender that can crush ice.
Put all this in the blender and blend till desired thickness.  If you would like to scoop it out, add more ice.  If you like to drink it add less ice and or more kombucha.  It's your choice. This a great way to cool down on a hot summer's day.  So easy, so good, and so refreshing.  Better than anything store bought.  And it only costs but a few berries, and some green tea to make your Strawberry Vanilla Kombucha if you make it at home.  So did I  hear someone say it costs too much to eat healthy?  Not so if it's homemade.
Till the next time...many blessings to all.
Mary Helen

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