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I have been brewing/fermenting water kifer for almost one year now.  Yes, one year ago I was diabetic, had high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  I also had a serious breathing problem too.  I received my two tsp of kifer grain which I purchased online. Funny, because I have never bought water kifer as a drink before, so I really didn't know what it should taste like.  But I just kept brewing it anyway.  Why? Because my research towards a healthier me led me to WATER KIFER AND PROBIOTICS.  It took me quite a while to adjust to the slight "smell" and taste of kifer water.  However I found mixing fermented water kifer with fruit juice or herbs is an excellent way to disquise that "slight "smell" and taste.  It is a drink that is really ALIVE and is known for it's cellular rejuvenation.  It is an excellent natural energy drink, as well as a detoxifier.    I have read that thousands of years ago it's waters were called "The fountain of youth", and the kifer grain was quite precious then.

It reminds me of a story I read here online, it was a story about a Russian king who had no Water Kifer Grain for himself or his kingdom.  It was said that China had an abundant supply but kept a close guard at all times as they did not want to share this grain with any other country.  They alone wanted to rule the land by longevity, and vitality.  However, the King of Russia heard of this amazing grain worth more than gold,.  He sent his beautiful sister to China to seduce the King, and succeeded.  She fell in love with the King of China, and told him what had conspired.  He let her go home to take the grain to her brother, the King with instructions to give it lots of loving care.  The Brother happily received the grain, and immediately began to grow the grain for his kingdom.  This is where they said they took it a step further and realized that this is grain was also considered a medicine as well as a water that gives life and began to continue its scientific research. To conclude they found that this Water Kifer Grain, did indeed have capabilities to heal many illnesses.  Whoever, drank of this water on a regular basis began a remarkable journey of recovery.

PRO=FOR. BIOTICS= LIFE.  I like that.  The thought that live micro-organisms kind of reconstructing all the damage that was done all those years through, food, stress, and drugs.  Well, the first thing I noticed was my diahhrea was gone. I hated taking pills, and have been asking if they could check to see if they could reduce the amount of medication.  I was always told no, because my body couldn't function without it.  So not to take the full dose of anti diarrhea medication was a scary start for me.  It's been a year now, I no longer take any pills for the bad diarrhea I once had.  As a matter of fact today, I am totally medication free, and have been for a few months now.   I still see my doctor, for my check ups, and his response at first was probably the test was faulty.  I said I didn't think so because of how good I felt.  My energy level improved so much, that I no longer have to take an afternoon nap.  Did I mention that I also lost  40 pounds somewhere down the line.  And I wasn't even dieting.  They say there is not enough evidence to claim it's benefits, but I can only share with you my experience with probiotic drinks, and foods.  So probiotic food is not in just yogurt.  Water Kifer is loaded with a whole lot more probiotics than yogurt.

Water Kifer 
Water Kifer a a very living probiotic drink.  It is made by putting water kifer grain with sugar water for a couple of days to ferment.  So easy folks.  After that you just drink the water.  If you want, you can bottle the water with a tight seal for a second ferment.  It then becomes a naturally carbonated drink.  Very fizzy, just like soda.  You can flavor it with fruit or herbs for a variety of fizzy drinks.  Water kifer, is an alternative to drinking milk kifer.  You can get all the probiotic benefits without the calories right?  That sounds good to me.

So hopefully you now know a little more about these wonderful PROBIOTIC elixers. At least enough to explore for yourself wonderful world of PROBIOTICS. I learned to work with it and have made as much at 10 brews going at once, using different herbs, fruits and sugars.  The benefits you will reap will be priceless.  I am not telling you to quit taking your medication.  Just try any one of these probiotic drinks, and give it a fair chance. In time soon, you will know by how you feel.  Continuing seeing your doctor, and ask him what he thinks. Get your blood work, see what happens.  It is so much better in quality  if you can ferment/brew at home for the probiotic effects.  If you don't brew, find someone who does.  I'm sure they will be quite willing to share. In doing so you would also save a lot of money too. Not to mention the kifer water with young coconut juice.  That is priced at a low (haha) price of $13.99 for 16 ounces.  Yes that's right.  Probiotics is not cheap.  However, it is, if you make it at home.

Enjoy, and many blessings,
Mary Helen

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