Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Who says you need a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) to make Kombucha?  I remember when I searched for this wonderful baby (SCOBY) I read I needed to make my own kombucha earlier last year.  I did make a drink similar using a Mother from an apple cider vinegar I brewed earlier last year using green tea.  But I only made green tea vinegar.  haha, It was good and also probiotic, but it was not kombucha.  It was altogether a whole different ball game. Well after months of research and experimenting in my own kitchen.  I found you can make kombucha using a bottle of kombucha itself to innoculate your tea to make the SCOBY and the Kombucha.   However, my quest to get my real SCOBY was accomplished here in my own neighborhood.  Anyway,  here is what you will need...
  • one gallon of green or black  tea.  Home brewed is preferred but store bought is also an option.  
  • one 16 oz bottle of original raw kombucha
  • one large glass, stainless steel, or plastic container, big enough to hold your kombucha tea.  Note, if using a plastic container, it must read #1, or #2 on the bottom of the container.
  • 1/2-1 cup sugar.  Not less.  Do not substitute.
  • clean cloth to cover
Add sugar to steeped tea, disolving before you add your bottle of kombucha. Stir well and pour in large container.  Cover with a cloth to avoid any unfriendly critters that may be flying around.  Because if you make it, surely they will come.  LOL.  Put in a warm quiet place undisturbed.  I like to keep mine by the warm window.  She loves it there, and within 4-10 days, you will see a thin layer of white film, floating on top.  Do not disturb her.  She will grow into a off white beautiful SCOBY.  And you are on your way to a happy successful kombucha brewing.

Note you can always make more or less of this recipe.  However on the note of making less...  May I suggest you still add the full 16 oz bottle of kombucha anyway.  It will just help speed up the brewing process, by maybe a couple of days. Also note that the more sugar you add, the chances of having an alcoholic beverage is also greater.  Not to the point of drinking real alcohol. but it is noticeble in taste. So just be careful there I particularly do not like the taste of alcohol. So I use less sugar. The taste is not sweet at all, but you can always get creative by adding juice, or any sweetener of your choice.  Next will come the carbonation but that is in  the second ferment, and bottling and capping.  We'll talk about that another day.
So let's get healthy and start brewing.
Happy Live Probiotics Folks:)

Many Blessings:)
Mary Helen

sybiotic culture of bacteria and Yeast

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