Sunday, December 30, 2012


Happy New Year from Mary Helens Test Kitchen 2013!! I want to share with you some "HOPE".

H...High fiber.
O...Omega 3's

My bottled water kifer soda.
I bottle myself.  Once 
capped, it becomes
naturally carbonated, and
more probiotic
"HOPE" was said by Brenda Watson, a famous natural health practitioner who was recently on PBS television.  I got the main message, .  It was "HOPE".  It caught my attention, because in the beginning, all I had was hope.  I still do.  HOPE, for me plants a good seed.  And with that is my desire to plant this seed with you.  But before I continue... 

Mint Kifer Ice Cream.   Made
with milk kifer and mint
herbs.  Yes
I have total control.  It's
all good and probiotic.
I want to take this time to pray you have a wonderful new year with all that you "HOPE" for.  I "HOPE" you are blessed with all that you need in the future.  I "Hope" for a cure for all that ails you. I Hope for Love, World Peace, and True Happiness.  And with that said, I will continue.

Actually it wasn't just probiotics that has helped me with my wellness.  It was healthy oils like coconut, real butter, extra virgin olive, and grapeseed oils, etc.  I also give credit to fiber.  Not just any fiber.  Soluble fiber that comes from fruits and vegetables.  I also thank my Ninja blender, my kitchen assistant for making a lot of my work easier. I realized I was following Barbara Watson and her "HOPE" plan without even knowing who she was until the other day.

H...High fiber....  Not just any fiber.  Solulable fiber like fruits and vegetables, oats, etc.
O...Omega 3's...  Fish, Oils, butter, olive oil, beans, and walnuts, etc.
P...Probiotics...   Milk, Kifer, yogurt, kombucha, and fermented foods like sauerkraut, etc.
E...Enzymes...     Raw foods again!  Including Sushi etc.
Fermented Cabbage
Kombucha Green Tea drink.
So tangy, so probiotic.

It was then I realized I really had to share this great news full heartedly.  It's all good, but, it was probiotics where I began to see a difference with my health.


To begin with I am a 64 year young woman, getting better every day.  One day it hit me that food can either harm me or help me.  I got to choose which direction I wanted food to take me.  I realized I had more control over my body than I realized.    I also realized that food was medicine and with that I began my journey into wellness.  One and 1/2 years later after including water kifers, milk kifers, kombucha's, as well and venturing on to other probiotic fermented foods, and the implementation of the "HOPE" plan (didn't know it at the time though).  Today, I am still free of over 300+ pharmaceudical medications.

Milk Kifer Grains for milk
 kifer, cheeses, ice cream
and desserts.  So good, so
Also, I am so glad to say I show no sign of diabetes after being so out of control, and in and out of hospitals for years.  My blood pressure and cholesterol are very much in control.  My doctors visits are less frequent.  My hospital visits are down to zero except for an episode of shingles. This is a big difference from before, because hospitals had become a home away from home.  So sad, I was always depressed.  I feel so much better now.  My energy level has increased by 50%, to the tune of "I have so much energy, I lost 40 lbs. the first year, and another 10 lbs. these last 6 months without dieting".  Did I mention how much softer, and healthier my skin looks and feels?  What a plus at 63!  I'm not saying life is perfect, or I am the perfect size...but life is better today without all that baggage. What a load that was.

Coconut Water Kifer soda.
Naturally carbonated,
naturally good and,
loaded with probiotics
I know I am headed in the right direction.  Did I mention how cheap it is to brew/ferment your own probiotics at home?  It is really cheap to get healthy.  No need to pay for all those pharmaceudical pills that help mask what ails you, but does not cure you.  Let's plant that seed of "HOPE" in all of us. Let's get busy, and check out my other healthy but truly tasty recipes here on Blogger.  Feel free to share my posts with your family and friends.  My last words for your today is to...have"HOPE".  Remember food is medicine, and it doesn't take a lot of money either, just a little "HOPE".  So till the next time, I will keep on doing what I am doing.  To you all, many blessings.


Mary Helen

Grape Kifer Soda, another
naturally carbonated
probiotic drink

Fermented Lemons.  The
rinds are so tender and tasty
they just fall apart.  Also
Rosemary Green Tea
Kombucha. A
probiotic tasty drink

Spicy Fermented Green Apple
Pickle, Indian style.  Oh
so tasty, made with lots'
of herbs and spices.  It's great
and great for the
winter months.  Also rich
in probiotics

Milk Kifer Cheese Spread
with coconut and honey
and spices.
Another healthy,tasty
alternative.  Again,
more probiotics

Strawberry Vanilla Kombucha
Green Tea Icee.  So
Probiotic and so
refreshenly tasty
Carbonated Kombucha
Green Tea
for my face and cuts.
P. S. It's so
tenderizingly soft.

Homemade Kombucha Green
Tea .with the mother SCOBY
on top.  Yes it's probiotic

Homemade fermented sauerkraut
loaded with probiotics.
Folks, if you haven't had
homemade sauerkraut...
you don't know what your missing.
Yummy milk kifer Mayonainse
that melts in your mouth