Saturday, August 31, 2013

EASY HOMEMADE GREEK YOGURT And Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese

Creamy Greek Yogurt aka Plain yogurt strained of its whey.
Hi everyone.  You all know I am big on natural probiotics.  Greek yogurt is one of them.  I've posted this recipe before but under yogurt cream cheese.  I realized after talking with a friend who did not realize the fact that Greek yogurt is plain yogurt that has been strained of its whey.  I thought perhaps other folks did not know this either. So this would be an good share for those who don't know, right?

It's simple to turn plain yogurt into Greek yogurt by simply straining its whey making it richer in probiotics, plus 2x the protein and 3x the calcium.  Yes Greek Yogurt is a very healthy alternative, but it is also 3x the price of regular yogurt.  I did promise to save you money and eat healthy too. So here goes.
I started off with plain nonfat yogurt
I put the yogurt in a strainer lined with a cheesecloth.  I cubed the yogurt
to help speed up the straining process.
This was my method of straining.  At this point it is Greek Yogurt.  Takes
about one hour of straining.
However, I wanted to continue to make Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese, to make a no bake cheese cake.  With that I began to strain as much whey as I could to remove as much liquid possible, so I hung it over the sink for about 4-6 hours.  Now reduced in size by half the original container, it is now packed with more nutrition in just a little bite.  I reserve to whey to drink later.
Hung it over my sink to reduce more whey.
Well that's all there is to it.  So simple right?  Well thanks for visiting and please feel free to share and like with a link below.  This is a good easy share for most households who do use yogurt, especially Greek Yogurt.  Till the next time...Many Blessings.


Mary Helen